Gravity Forms Rcwd upload allows you to upload files very efficiently as it adds a new single file upload field with various options provided in the plugin.

Features of Rcwd upload:

  • You can set image thumbnail settings before or after the upload of the file.
  • It also provides you with the option of auto upload after the selection of the desired file.
  • It supports the save and continue feature.
  • You can also sort your files using the drag and drop option provided within the field.
  • It allows you to see the image preview of the uploaded file before you upload the size settings of your file.
  • You can rename the file using the fields content like ( [form_id], [field_id], [fieldlabel] ).
  • It also provides the option of setting the size limit for your file in KB or MB.
  • Now you can also set both width and height requirements to upload the file.
  • You can also use extension filters for files.
  • The repeater option can be used to add additional fields so that you can upload more files.
  • You can also change the name of your file while you are editing an entry.
  • After you have selected your file you can also hide your browser button or keep it visible.
  • It supports multisite network compatibility.
  • It also has a support for Woocommerce 3.2+ compatibility.
  • It provides gravity forms user registration compatibility.

How to use RCWD uploader for gravity forms plugin

Install and activate the plugin and then choose the gravity forms option in the backend. Now you can see the RCWD uploader field option. After selecting it you can see various settings for customizing the field.

Field Label: Here you can give the label to the field.

Description:  You can give the description to your field.

You can check or unchecked the checkbox for add a field for the title.

Activate repeater: In this option, you can select yes or no if you want to use the repeater or not.

Filters the files: If you want to use filters for your file then you can select the given options.

Below the ‘filters for files’ option, you can give the format for the Images, documents, compressed files or the other files.

Enable resizing: The enable resizing option allows you to resize your file. It provides you with the options for width, height, and quality. In these options, you can give the customized values. There is also an option for ‘resizing the images to clientside’. You can select the Yes or no option according to your choice.

Rules: You can check the ‘Required’ checkbox if you want the rules to be required in the field.

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