This plugin was updated on 3 May 2018.

Features of OTP for Gravity Forms

It is very easy and fast as it only takes less than 3 minutes for its Setup.

With the efficient setup, there will be no wasting of time for the subscribers.

It will help you to process the form only after the verification.

With the help of the ‘verify email’ button, you can get only the verified subscribers.

It is translation ready.

It supports fully GDPR compliant.

How to use OTP for Gravity Forms plugin

Install and activate the plugin and open it in the backend. Add an Email field and give a custom class to that filed and also add a text filed to your form. Then choose the OneTimePasscode option and there you can see the points defined for how to use the plugin. Below that, in the general settings, you can set some basic settings like you can select the radio button for the generated code you would like to use.

You can give the text to the email field and you can also apply the custom CSS classes to your button.

You can give the confirmation message according to your choice which will be displayed after successful OTP submission.

Then you can also give your own message for verifying the email address and by adding the OTP code. You can also use any number of merge tags in your message.

Now you can save the settings and open the form in the front end. There you can fill the fields and below the Email field you can click on the button to verify your Email by checking your email account and you can see in the email, the OTP is given there and you can fill that in the ‘Verification Code’ field. After that, you can successfully submit your form.


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