The current version of gravity forms timed entries is 1.8

The gravity forms timed entries plugin allowed you to set time limits for your form/quiz. This plugin provides you with Block Editing and Auto-Submit functionality. The functionality of these options can be used on a single page as well as on multipage forms. With the help of Block Editing and Auto submit functionality a user cannot enter the wrong data into the fields.

Features of Gravity forms timed entries:

With the help of Gravity forms timed entries plugin, you can record the total amount of time taken to complete a quiz or a form.

If the entry time limit is expired then you can also give an alert message to the users without blocking and submitting the form/quiz or the form can also be auto-submitted.

You can also hide or show the clock display for Entry Timer fields.

It is also helpful in excluding the fields which you don’t want to be a part of submitted form/quiz data.

It also provides you with the option of Inline and/or tooltip.

When the time limit has expired and you have blocked further editing of the form then also you can have different fields which are not blocked from updating.

Timers can count up or down.

How to use Gravity forms timed entries plugin

After installing and activating your plugin choose the gravity forms in the backend and go the Advanced Fields settings. There you can choose Entry Timer field and you can give a label to you entry timer field by selecting the Field Label option. Below the field Label option, you can select Entry timer Settings and check the different checkboxes provided. If you want to show the timer Visibility then you can check the ‘Timer Visibility’ option and ‘countdown timer’ option.

If you want your field to be excluded from submission then you can check the ‘Exclude from Submission’ Checkbox.

Form Timed Entries

Show Timer: This option allowed you to show the timer.

Countdown timer:  With the help of this option you can show the main timer counts down.

Time limit: This option helps you to give the time limit.

Synch Interval: You can provide the interval in which the server time checks

Block Editing: If you want to block further editing of the form once the time limit has expired then you can select this option.

Auto Submit: This option will automatically submit the form if the time limit has reached.

Now after saving the form, you can check it in the frontend.



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