It was updated on 20 Feb 2018.

The Gravity Forms SMS Pro plugin allows you to send SMS very efficiently.

Features of SMS Pro Plugin:

  • This plugin helps you to send SMS notifications to admin and users.
  • You can also set a field in which a user has to verify the mobile number through SMS before submitting the form.
  • It has a compatibility with popular SMS gateways as well as payment gateways.
  • It provides a support for all merge tags in the gravity forms.
  • You can also use the conditional logic in the form fields.
  • It also provides the compatibility of input mask with each and every mobile number.
  • It supports the feature of SMS meta-box in each entry which allows you to send responses quickly and easily within a message.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can send the SMS to users as well as to additional numbers.
  • You can also give the country codes in a static or dynamic mode in the desired form field.
  • It also provides you with the option of sending messages to a particular number or in a group to various entries.
  • You can also make a record of the details of the messages in the entries notes and it records the sent messages in a specific table.

How to use this plugin

Open the Gravity forms in the backend after installing and activating it.

Select the SMS field option given on the right side of the form. There on the top, you can see the ‘Mobile Verification’ field option. Using this field you can allow the user to first verify his phone number through SMS.

Then in the general settings, you can use different settings for your form field

Field label: In this setting, you can set the Label of your field.

Mobile number field: Here you can define the mobile number

Country Code: In the country code you can choose from static or dynamic codes by selecting the specific radio button.


You can also set the method for entering a verification code by the user. You can choose amongst Random and Manual radio buttons according to your choice.

The SMS text: You can give any SMS text in the desired field and can also display the verification code in the same.

Maximum number of retries allowed: In this setting, you can set the maximum number for retrying messages.

Maximum number of resending the code: With the help of this setting you can define the maximum number for resending the code and you can check the ‘Hide from merge tag checkbox’ if you want to hide the fields.

You can also provide exceptional mobile numbers in the given field.

Gravity SMS Pro settings

In the gravity form SMS settings, you can choose the SMS Gateway, Your default numbers, Your Default country code etc.

In the SMS General configuration settings, you can set the Payment Gateway method and also change the country code.





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