The version of gravity forms recorder field is 1.0 and it was released on 5 September 2017.

You can record and send short messages with the help of Gravity Forms Recorder field plugin.

Features of Gravity Forms Recorder Field

The Gravity Forms Recorder Field plugin is very easy and efficient to use.

It can work in every version of the Gravity Forms.

This plugin also supports Html5.

It saves the audio file in the WAV format.

It is independent of bandwidth, therefore, you can record high- quality videos on any type of networks like 3G, 4G or public Wi-Fi.

How to use Gravity Forms Recorder Field

Install and activate the plugin and choose the Gravity Forms option in the backend.

You can select the Recorder field option and there in the general settings of the field you can see a start recording button which allows you to record your message.

Field Label: This option allows you to give a different label to the field.

Description: If you want to give any type of description to your form field then you can use this option.

By saving all these settings when you open your form in the frontend you can see the recording field in the form.

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