The version of the Gravity Forms File upload UI styler plugin is 1.0 and it was released on 24 April 2017.

Features of Gravity forms file upload UI styler plugin :

The Gravity forms file upload UI styler plugin helps in improving the user interface.

There are 19 predefined color schemes available in this plugin. You can easily choose from these colors to style your Gravity forms file uploads.

You can also add a file upload icon with the help of the option provided in the given plugin.

You can handle and configure it very comfortably.

Working of the Gravity Forms file upload UI styler

Go to the plugins option and then install the file upload UI styler for Gravity Forms.

There are different options you can use for styling it. In the general section of your form, you can choose amongst different options. The first option of the checkbox enables you to make the interface of the file uploads more user-friendly. You can easily check it if you want your file uploads to be more user-friendly.

Color Scheme: The second option is that of color Scheme. Using this option you can provide different colors to your form field file uploads.

Button Text: With the help of the Button Text option you can change the default text of your file upload button according to your desire.

Button Placement: With the help of this option you can place your button on the left or right of your file upload field.

Placeholder Text: You can also change the default text of the file upload placeholder.

The Appearance section also provides you with the different options for styling your form file upload.

Upload Icon: This option displays different icons you can use in your file upload field. You can easily choose by clicking on the icon you want to use.



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