The current version of Gravity forms address autocomplete is 2.0 and it was released on 3 Aug 2016. It was updated on 27 Feb 2018.

Features of Gravity forms Address Autocomplete:

  • With the help of Address Autocomplete option, you can fill your form in a short span of time and it simplifies the form filling process.
  • While filling the Address it will help you in finding the correct and accurate Addresses with suggestions.
  • It is only a one-step setup and no other additional setting is required.
  • Gravity forms Address Autocomplete supports single Line Autocompletion.


How to use Gravity forms address autocomplete

Go to the plugins options in backend and then install and activate the plugin.

Then go to the Forms and select a form to edit.

On the right side of your page you will find different field selections and from the Advanced fields option choose the Address field. By clicking on the Address Field row you can select different settings provided in the form.

Open the General settings in the form field and you will find settings related to Address field and there you will find a Enable checkbox below the Description option and you can check it for “Enable Autocomplete/Suggest with Google places API”.

Now you can open the form in the frontend and you will find that your desired Address field is changed into Autocomplete.

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